About Us

How we can help...

Happy Paws is  a welcomed  hands-on service  in the busy life of dog owners. Our mobile grooming unit is personally managed and run by the owner to ensure service satisfaction. The convenience of being mobile means we come to your house to provide a variety of services, including professional dog and cat grooming, food delivery and dog sitting.

We are not here just to groom your pet, but to build a strong, long-term, personal relationship with both pet and pet owner.

What we believe...

As human beings we like to be treated and taken care of, so why not offer the same to your best friend – the one that’s always excited to see you, waving his tail and running to the front door when he hears your voice.

Pets need to be loved, looked after and they should be treated with only the best care and attention. At Happy Paws our customer’s pets always come first. It is our goal to deliver the BEST care to your furry friend and our first priority when grooming your pet is to promote a safe, professional and loving environment. Our team of highly professional groomers work diligently to maintain a high grooming standard on a daily basis.

A Professional Team

The staff at Happy Paws are carefully selected for their love of animals, their grooming experience and their overall quality of work. Equally important is their ability to work with your beloved pets both gently and confidently.

All of our current staff members have been with us since inception so customers and pets have come to know and trust us.

Our Mobile Grooming Parlour

Our mobile grooming van has been custom equipped with all the essentials to provide a professional quality session that ensures your best friend will thoroughly enjoy their grooming experience!


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All we need is an electricity point, water point and your dog's favorite towel